Robertson’s Country Meat, Inc.

about-side-image.gifIt all started in 1947 with 25 hams.  William H. Robertson, Sr. was the owner of a small country grocery store in Finchville, Kentucky.  Looking for something new to add to his store, Mr. Robertson began curing and selling hams to his Finchville neighbors.  Mr. Robertson began curing so many hams, that he was able to discontinue selling groceries and focus solely on the country ham business.

During this time, Mr. Robertson was also the local Postmaster, so growing his ham business was limited to a side job.  That was, until he decided to combine his two endeavors – mail order ham.  Clients included L&N Railroad and the Executive Inn Restaurant.  That was the beginning of a business that has thrived for over 60 years.

Mr. Robertson’s son and daughter soon joined the business as it continued to grow. Country hams are available to the public at a small retail outlet at the Finchville plant.

A lot has changed since those days in the back of the country grocery store, but one thing has not - Finchville hams are still cured and processed using the same recipe from 1947. In an age of fast food and artificial preservatives, these country hams are cured with only salt, peppers and brown sugar. All natural ingredients used throughout the centuries to preserve food before refrigeration.

As a third generation business, Bill Robertson, Jr. and his family invite you to enjoy the fruits of his family’s labor.  As we enter a new century, with new challenges for businesses and the food industry, in the quaint Kentucky town of Finchville, there is still a small family owned business curing country hams the old-fashioned way.